And Us To Thy Service

by Tash

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released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Tash Sanford, North Carolina

Tash is a one man melodic black metal project based out of North Carolina. Utilizing extended range guitars and bass, Tash combines traditional Norwegian black metal, Swedish black metal, and dissonant death metal such as Nile and Morbid Angel. Lyrics focus on anti-Christianity, insanity, death, demonology and misanthropy. ... more

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Track Name: Show No Fear
So power hungry to feed your naked ambition
Climb to the top over the corpses of others
But the ladder you ascend is held by jackals
And those you would try to rule are sick of your shit

Blessed are the wicked, for they have inherited the earth
Sowing their works of greed, they damn us forever
Seize the throat of those who would enslave you
Show them no mercy, show them no fear

Smiling so smugly, writing the laws to bind
But laws are nothing but paper, just like their wealth
Break the chains, kill your captures
Throw off the yoke and seek your freedom
Track Name: Monument
Transparent lies set the frame for cloak and dagger
Deep hidden in an ancient city, lay the artifacts and scrolls
A legend reinforced to help maintain the illusion
The best kept secret, the most obvious answer

You hide the truth that you know that there is no god
Relics and temples to reinforce your stories
To keep control of those you can is your only goal
And to that end, you keep telling the lie again and again

Behind closed gates, inside vaults and catacombs
Sealed within the royal tombs you have fashioned
Such a waste it is when you know the words are worthless
A bloated pustule upon the face of the earth
Track Name: While the Empire Burns
Apocalypse order
Granted power
Once again set to destroy
The veil lifted
The masks shifted
Look upon the face of hate
Appointed weakness
Leading to darkness
To the cheers of fools

And the arrogant opposition
So sure of their position
Where are you now?
Impoverished masses
Claiming they want freedom
Keeping the rich in power again and again

Behold the power of many fools
In awe and terror
We start to see our fate
As they proclaim their choice
Their god appointed leader

Lacking vision
Short sighted moron
Windbag yelling to offend
One percent privilege
Clouds his judgement
Spoiled little bitch with a wig

And look at the throngs
Waiting in anticipation
To justify their racist agenda
They think their time has come
Track Name: Bloodlust Covenant
Sneer from the sidelines
Ye pompous judge and jury
So quick to mock
From your seats, so safely
And with such small minds
Think yourself worthy
Simple small thoughts
Riddled with ignorance

I will hunt the selfish
I bring them torment
I will share my madness
They will know

And with the sword in hand
With malice in heart
The blades cuts swiftly
I have no guilt for them
My bloodlust covenant

Fortunate sons
Come from fortunate fathers
Taught from a young age
How unique you are
You’ve never done anything
Worth mentioning post humus
You will die
As plainly as you lived
Track Name: Defiling the Virgin Birth
Your god is so confused
He just sends everyone to hell
To save us from himself
He fucked a little girl
His manifestation
Was a weakling with no name
The appointed Messiah
Who damns babies to burn

From my mouth, I will speak your undoing
From my works, the destruction of the temple
In my eyes, the fires of liberation
In my heart, defiling the virgin birth

Clutch close your precious bible
Hold close the word of god
Edited by Roman hands
Translated for the masses
Each page another linking chain
In the bondage of millions
Each day marching closer
Further into the dark
Track Name: Frail and False
For every given good deed
Comes punishment for bending
Built a reputation to move forward
On badly thought up lies

Given enough rope
And you have hung yourself
And all the empty words
Blow away in the wind
Incompetence piled high
Upon your head
Now suffocate under the weight
Of your mistakes

Keep trying to deny
The demons you can’t shake
Howling with their hunger
Never ever satisfied
Track Name: Nocturnal Suffering
Wake in terror in the night, your body soaked in sweat
Even in the waking dark, you can still feel the fingers

Ghouls come back from the grave so hungry
Sob in the dark, tonight there is no comfort

In the cold of the day so hollow
You forget the threat
But tonight, in the darkness
They’ll be back for you again

Sleeping so deeply, when the specters come to call
One of these nights, you won’t wake in the morning

Impossible things are coming for you
There is no defense, you’ve got to sleep sometime
Track Name: Cast Down
Suffocate to death
And praise the hands around your neck
Toil and wither under the sun
Burning skin and wasted desert
Soul ripping torment
Caste down from the golden alter
And in such agony
They will keep you forever

Cast down
The false symbols, the wretched
The ruling sons
The foundations of Sodom
Burn them to ash

In the name of the light bringer
I declare open rebellion
And under the flag of the inverted cross
We are silenced no more
Track Name: Winter Has Come
By the strength of the north wind
The legion of the blackened sky
The cutting, howling wind
Come down in the night
Bringing the snow and ice
Burying things once alive
It has no forgiveness
Winter has come

I have gazed upon the dead moon
I have felt the cold in my veins
And in the frozen stillness
I have heard death moving

She does not listen to begging
She does not entertain excuses
When she decides to come
The unprepared go silent
Keeper of the quiet
The frost begins her work
And when the fire goes out
She will be coming soon
Track Name: Dominate (Morbid Angel cover)
Weak aside - no place for those our struggle
Leaves behind
Our Lord won¹t tolerate those whom through
Attrition fall
We must dominate!
With iron through our veins and a will made so elite
Hunting for our daily bread and the sinister close in sight
Hunger always drives the beast and the women fall prey
Leading all the wonderers to certain fate
Another victim reviled
I¹m staring at you through the eyes of the wolf
Tell me who is going to save you now !
Animal sense ever alert
Praise be to the father-war
As a servant I am serving myself and I bathe in anticipation
Unless you taste it you could never know
All the power our Lord bestow
With a bow and a kiss profane
Be a victor or be a victim