The Empty Wind

by Tash

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released March 21, 2017



all rights reserved


Tash Sanford, North Carolina

Tash is a one man melodic black metal project based out of North Carolina. Utilizing extended range guitars and bass, Tash combines traditional Norwegian black metal, Swedish black metal, and dissonant death metal such as Nile and Morbid Angel. Lyrics focus on anti-Christianity, insanity, death, demonology and misanthropy. ... more

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Track Name: Scornful Disconnection
In the scope of deep time
Existence is merely dust in a hurricane
Just because you briefly existed
Does not make you anything at all
To claim some greater calling
Is just short sighted arrogance
To feel yourself superior
Is just begging for torment and death

Your focus instead
On building wealth on earth
You won’t take it will you
Into the empty dark
Run and run and run
To please the masters you serve
To realize your place
Precedes your mental suicide
Track Name: Sanguine Desire
Interlocking energies
Burning with interaction
Heightened appetite
Seeking out my flesh desire

Unspoken promise
Of wicked pleasure

Forbidden practice
Of pain and pleasure
Oh won’t you be a gentle corpse
Blood soaked bed
Darkest dementia
They never come again

How delightful
The dance before seduction
Circling like vultures
Just biding my time
Track Name: Frenzy
Always there at the bottom
The underbelly of society
Bred from malnutrition and ignorance
Filled with fear at the future

Woe to he who would oppose them
The unwashed masses filled with entitlement
You think you can reclaim
Something that never existed except as an abstract

Into a frenzy
Thinking your shouting will get what you want
We see where you’re standing
And we know where you lie

A human cesspool we allowed to breed
Chemical waste mixed with inbred genetics
Sickened bodies swell from overdose of toxins
Enslaved by companies whose products they devour
Track Name: Buried in the Ground
The weight of a thousand stars compares not
Gravity of my soul could eat a million worlds
Forever locked in a constant state of winter
The frozen catacombs of my lingering existence

Test me not, for I have nothing left to lose
There are only tomorrows, staring on forever

The gods bring me no comfort
No solace from the wind
And no amount of time or distance
Will bring her back again
I will walk this world a lifetime
But nowhere am I found
And there shall be no rest for me
Til I’m buried in the ground

In the witching hour, I lie awake
Pulled from darkness by a cruel mind
Torturing me slowly with things that will never be
Weakening my sanity with each hollow moment
Track Name: Dead Harvest
Still my mind is now forever
But still beats my heart
A hollow shell
To be used for harvest
My life is gone forever
But still my blood pumps through my veins
To be used as spare parts
My final destiny

But they don’t know my past
Or the evil that I had become

My legacy lives on in those I inhabit
The darkness that lived within me still survives
They carry out my will beyond the veil of death
My will carried on in those who share my flesh

Black magic was my instrument
Dark energy ebbed and flowed through me
The demons called deep into my bones
The incantations spoken bound them to me forever
Track Name: Temple of Violence
Point of conflict initiated
Animal instinct to attack
Rush of adrenaline numbing
Ordering to fly or kill

Oh come oh come
To the temple of violence
Rage and wrath, fear and anger
You will be strong
Or you will be made to suffer
Spill the blood on the altar

Reaction in an instant
10,000 years of civilization put aside
Ignited in an instant
And now I’ve come to kill
Track Name: The Ghost
I’ve walked alone in this house
Seen things that cannot be explained
And in my thirty long years
The ghosts have been my only companion

And in this service
A lone specter rises
A woman’s figure in the dark
Chills my bones to the core
And demands my attention

And what of this apparition
Who is she, what does she want
And I forget what people always do
My fists clenched, my face taught
I find the strength to speak
To the monster in the dark
Hoping to get an answer
But her anger did I spark

Glass shatters, things fly
She is enraged, I don’t know why
I try to shield myself from the objects flying
I scream “I don’t know what you want”
She screams at me “You’re lying”
In my horror I’m speechless
I can’t think what she means
I claim I don’t know what you wants
She screams

The hallways echo now
With the screams of the dead
I try to run for the door
Now they’re in my head
This has never happened before
Will I soon be dead
I cannot leave this house
I try to hide instead

Nothing is forever

In the quiet now, she speaks again
“You killed me,” she says
I remember now in vivid clarity
How once she came and enticed
In oppression by a dark obsession
Now I know my wrong
I grabbed a piece of broken glass and slash my throat
Now we are together all eternity long
Track Name: Con Clavi Con Dio (Ghost cover)
We are here
For your praise
Evil one
Our conjuration sings infernal psalms
And smear the smudge in bleeding palms
Our task
Behind mask
Chosen son
Oh, you rebel chief, destroyer of the earth
Rise from precipice through birth
We are one
Out of three