by Tash

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released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Tash Sanford, North Carolina

Tash is a one man melodic black metal project based out of North Carolina. Utilizing extended range guitars and bass, Tash combines traditional Norwegian black metal, Swedish black metal, and dissonant death metal such as Nile and Morbid Angel. Lyrics focus on anti-Christianity, insanity, death, demonology and misanthropy. ... more

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Track Name: Lucifer, I am
Brought into darkness
And fed on lunacy
Madness and torture, my home
Punishment and guilt
Pain and insanity
Tempered my soul forever

Through pathetic delusion
Their blind eyes claimed to see the light
Bred in me hatred and loathing
For they cannot see the cage they live in

I am the light bringer
The unsilenced voice of dissonance
I am the oath breaker
Abandoning empty promise
I am the killer of faith
In the face of the zealot
I am the morning star
Lucifer, I am

Fear the free mind
What it may say
Shattered lies litter your hollow church
All hail the coming storm
All hail the coming dawn
We’ll never has a use for you again
Track Name: Eternal Night
Another day in this hell
The wretched slowness of each passing moment
Slow pain of decay
Falseness of beauty a thin illusion

And here in the now, I long to pull the trigger

Ritual madness
In your delusion of a sun god
Sickness and falseness
Perverse appetites, vile form
Pointless cycle
Of constant repetition
I wish for stillness
Come to me eternal night

Craving of flesh unending
Slowly creeping forward into the future
Suspended in chaos
Symptoms in the plague of existence
Track Name: Ghoul
Quickly I move through the forest
Late into the night
Smell of fresh blood on the air
It won’t escape me for long
I’ll taste the flesh soon
As the body dies
And I’ll gorge upon the blood
As the life drains from the eyes

And I stalk the woods at night
In a permanent living hell
The man I once was is gone
And what is left is starving
I’m addicted to the beating hearts
Of those left still alive
And I hunger for their flesh and blood
With everything I am

And I set upon the victim
In ecstasy and wanting
Her screams in agony
As her flesh is ripped apart
She dies in horror
To feed me and my brethren
And it’s all for naught
For we’re immediately ravenous once again
Track Name: Disdain
Solemn is the autumn of remembrance
Leaves hang and fall like clothes on skeletons
Black veils hide faces for the mourning
The rain falls through the mist and gloom

The freshly dug ground
Serves to mark the grave
But no outsiders here to see it
In the dark of the forest
Lie undisturbed

And with the passing
We are free from your disdain
Buried and gone forever
And so may you forever rot
Track Name: Gray Horizon
Do you hear whispers in the darkness?
Do you feel the moorings of reality come unhinged?
Can you feel the weight pushing you down?
Do the days stretch on in a never-ending struggle?

I walk this barren land forever
Trudging through the ash of things gone
I stare into in the gray horizon
Turn away in fear, frightened of the future

Does no rest come when you most need it?
Do you feel the acid rise deep within your being?
Do you know the blinding fire of wrath?
Do you live constantly haunted?
Track Name: Schadenfreude
Sickening black trails mark the paths of slow decay
The suffocating stench of rot permeates the air
Eyes yellow with disease and hatred
Betrayed by time and condition

Behold the end
Dying where you stand
Infected and starving
Behold the end
The earth will linger on
Humans will all soon perish

Cascade effect of greed
Is total global collapse
Short sighted stupidity
Cleansing the world of man forever
Track Name: Pleasure and Punishment
Torture and screams
Pulled from darkest flesh desires
Chains and shackles mark
White milky flesh

And just before breaking
She cums in arching spasms
Her body weary from punishment
Her eyes begging for more

Taboos broken in violent exploration
And in such torment, brought such pleasure

Cry out in orgasmic agony
Skin red from binding, breathing ragged
No matter how much you are given
You always come back for more

Never gone for long
The needs of the flesh bring you back
For these kind of appetites
Always demand to be satisfied
Track Name: Disassociation
Here in the forest
I disconnect from society
In the depths of nature
I feel intrinsic connection

Never have I felt at home
Or that I belong with them
Reminded every moment
In contrasting views on everything
Never so dull as what is expected
Never would I stoop to the level you expect
And they can feel that I am alien
That I am not like them
Incapable of kindness, their reaction is fear

I have learned from long decades here
To feel at one with the earth is to be alone
I am not so different from many
Just not like the cattle of the world
Track Name: The Gunslinger
Pursuing far across this desert
Through the barren wastes, beaten down by sun
To find and kill the sorcerer betrayer
Walking on forever if it takes him

Time is coming unraveled
And the world has moved on
Haunted by the machines of the ancients
Relics of when no one can remember

He rose from the line of Eld
The last of his kind left in Mid-World
And he has sworn to kill
The lying snake he’ll hunt to his last

But in his heart of hearts
The Dark Tower calls to him
Sure as ka is a wheel
There it stands in its field of roses